Sonosite Synchronicity Workflow Manager

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Point-of-Care management software that revolves around your workflow

Traditional radiology imaging workflow does not provide an adequate POCUS solution and results in phantom scans, improper documentation, and lost revenue – particularly in an encountered-based workflow. Sonosite Synchronicity POCUS Workflow Manager provides a seamless solution to support POCUS credentialing, quality assurance, and billing.

Clinical: Provides clinicians with a standardized workflow experience that reduces administration tasks and assists in improving patient satisfaction

Operational: Sonosite Synchronicity coordinates efficient workflows and automate data across the POCUS service line

Financial: Supports reimbursement with consistent clinical documentation to minimize coding errors and therefore, increase revenue opportunities.

“On day one go-live, our staff could use Sonosite Synchronicity. It was easy to use and intuitive. Not only does it allow us to more effectively use ultrasound, which is better for patient care, it allows to responsibly capture revenue as an organization.”
Dr. John Hipskind, MD, FACEP
Point of Care Ultrasound Director for the Emergency Department at Kaweah Delta in Visalia, California.


  • Standardize credentialing programs while leveraging clinical and technical resources
  • Empower EMED attending physicians to complete quality assurance assessments on all captured exams, and provide real-time feedback to residents and medical students for QA compliance
  • Intuitive user interface in a user-friendly dashboard format, designed specifically for POCUS clinicians
  • Streamlined point-of-care ultrasound workflows with customized coding-centric worksheets
  • Scalable from a single department to an enterprise IDN (Integrated Delivery Network)
  • Interoperable with Sonosite ultrasound systems, other manufacturer POCUS machines, 3rd party POCUS devices, PACS, VNA, and the EMR


Our team of Sonosite Synchronicity implementation consultants will be with you every step of the way. Your dedicated consultant will work with you to understand your unique requirements, from project scoping to go-live, developing a deployment plan that meets your organization’s needs.

The Sonosite Synchronicity Gold maintenance plan ensures optimal productivity, including early stage implementation, unlimited telephone inquiries, quality improvement updates, and more from our technical support team. Learn More.


Included with each Sonosite product purchase is exclusive access to Sonosite Institute, our web-based education portal. Take advantage of point-of-care ultrasound tools and resources that can help you become a more efficient point-of-care ultrasound provider.


Sonosite Synchronicity maintenance plans provide access to our technical support resources. Find the plan that’s right for you.

Bar Code Scanner (USB) Installation Instructions (P12173-08)

Bar Code Scanner User Guide Supplement for Sonosite PX and LX (P22992-02)

Bar Code Scanner User Guide for X-Porte, Edge II and SII (P07766-08)

Barcode Scanner Installation Instructions for Sonosite PX, LX, ZX and ST (P22236-05)

Barcode Scanner Installation Instructions for X-Porte, Edge II and SII (P12173-08)

DICOM Installation Guide (D02945)

EDGE User Guide (P15200-04)

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Edge II Quick Reference Guide (P20517-03)

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S Series User Guide (P07525-05)

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Sending and Receiving DICOM Data on Sonosite Systems (P08325-12)

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Setting Up a Network Connection (P12062-08)

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TEE Care Card (P05497-09)

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Using CIVCO Products with FUJIFILM Sonosite Systems (P01765-31)

X-Porte Desktop Configuration User Guide Supplement (P16515-04)

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iViz Quick Reference Guide (P22705-03)

iViz Quick Start Guide (P20019-04)

iViz User Guide (P20016-10)

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