SonoProtect Service Agreements

SonoProtect - EII carried to bedside

Maximize or extend protection for your patient care investment

We want you to concentrate on treating patients, not worry about your ultrasound system. That’s why Sonosite offers SonoProtect® Service Agreements to maximize your warranty coverage with supplemental product protection or extend your Sonosite warranty.

Maximize your warranty protection with Total Coverage

The industry-leading standard Sonosite Warranty that comes with your ultrasound system purchase protects your investment from accidental transducer drops and internal malfunctions.

By upgrading your standard coverage with a SonoProtect Total Coverage Service Agreement, you’ll receive all the benefits of our standard warranty, plus your ultrasound system will be covered against mishandling.

You’ll also receive first-priority availability for Sonosite system software updates to ensure your system is always running the latest version. Total Coverage protection is transferable, should you upgrade to a newer Sonosite point-of-care ultrasound system before the end of the service agreement.

SonoProtect Total Coverage Service Agreements are available in one-year increments.

Extend your industry-leading Sonosite warranty with additional years of protection

Continue to protect your ultrasound investment by extending your industry-leading warranty with a SonoProtect Service Agreement. Choose from SonoProtect Standard or Total Coverage, available in one-year increments.


Benefit SonoProtect
System and transducer repair or replacement due to internal malfunctions
Coverage for accidental transducer drop, including cracked enclosure
Overnight loaner or replacement
System and transducer repair or replacement due to abuse and mishandling  
Transfer your existing coverage when you uptrade your Sonosite system  
ACR Accreditation testing and certification for system performance  
First-priority on availability of latest software updates  
Technology up-trade program  

* Exclusions apply and specifications are subject to change without notice. For complete details on each program offering, please refer to the SonoProtect terms and conditions. Sonosite will not honor warranty on products unless purchased from authorized Distributors. Terms may vary for veterinary products.

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