Sonosite Introduces Major Software Breakthrough For Visualizing Deep Needle Insertions At Steep Angles

July 13, 2010

Major Advancement for Regional Nerve Blocks and Other Injection Based Procedures
Highly Advanced Algorithms Were Developed Over Two Years and Aimed at Solving the Disappearing Needle Phenomenon in Anesthesia
BOTHELL, WA - July 13, 2010 - Sonosite, Inc. (Nasdaq:SONO), the world leader and specialist in bedside and point-of-care ultrasound, today introduced Enhanced Needle Visualization, a significant development in ultrasound imaging that enables improved needle tracking with increased confidence during deep needle procedures. Enhanced Needle Visualization is a proprietary imaging technology that intensifies the brightness of the needle, making it clearly visible during a steep angle approach to a deep target, conditions under which the needle has previously been difficult to image. Enhanced Needle Visualization is now available as a software upgrade for Sonosite's M-Turbo® and S Series™ ultrasound product lines.

Sonosite's Enhanced Needle Visualization technology is the first fully-integrated solution to resolve the "lost needle phenomenon,"1which has been an accepted constraint for needle-guidance since the creation of ultrasound imaging. Developed over the last two years, Sonosite's engineers collaborated with physicians worldwide and challenged the conventional principles of ultrasound system design to break new grounds for needle visibility. As a result, the revolutionary Enhanced Needle Visualization technology was introduced for Sonosite ultrasound systems.

1 Miller, Gabriel. "Study Ranks Needle Visibility Under Ultrasound." Pain Medicine News. Mar. 2010. Web.

"Enhanced Needle Visualization is a unique, proprietary technology that cannot be found in any other ultrasound product, including large cart-based systems," said Jim Gilmore, Sonosite's Senior Vice President of Product Innovation and Delivery. "This technology adaptively enhances the ultrasound visualization of needles at steep angles without compromising tissue image quality."

Enhanced Needle Visualization is fully-integrated into the architecture of Sonosite's systems and can be operated with a simple on/off button, enabling physicians to potentially decrease procedure time and considerably reduce costs per procedure.

"With clear needle visibility at deep and steep angles, Sonosite's Enhanced Needle Visualization allows me to more confidently perform a nerve block and provide better medicine to my patients," said David Auyong, MD, Staff Anesthesiologist, Seattle, Washington. "This streamlined technology can also be activated at the touch of a button, which allows me to operate more efficiently and ultimately save money. When I am performing a nerve block, I want to be able to turn on the ultrasound system, place the transducer and insert the needle. With Enhanced Needle Visualization, I will not need to spend an extra five to ten minutes setting up additional equipment or finding echogenic needles, which streamlines my practice."

"Sonosite's Enhanced Needle Visualization technology is extremely impressive," said Mimi Lee, MD, Anesthesiology Consultants of Marin, located in California. "This is going to eliminate any difficulties I have with accurately visualizing the shaft of the needle and it will decrease the time it takes to perform a steep needle procedure. This is also an excellent teaching tool for residents who are relatively unfamiliar with ultrasound and the different techniques; I think they will pick up the technology immediately."

"We are elated by the response so far by physician users in the marketplace for this breakthrough in point-of-care visualization," said Kevin M. Goodwin, Sonosite's President and CEO. "This is a major advancement in needle guidance for medicine. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from physicians around the world who have had the opportunity to assess Enhanced Needle Visualization. Physicians have commented that this technology will become the new industry standard for needle visualization. Enhanced Needle Visualization has already helped us to win a number of orders in the competitive market environment and we are anticipating strong product demand."

Enhanced Needle Visualization supports Sonosite's continuous efforts to provide physicians with innovative solutions to improve patient safety. This breakthrough technology is currently offered on Sonosite's HFL50 and HFL38 transducers for peripheral nerve block applications. Sonosite expects to expand applications for Enhanced Needle Visualization technology to a broad range of point-of-care specialties, including breast surgeons, musculoskeletal specialists, endocrinologists, interventional radiologists and emergency medicine physicians. Sonosite has applied for patent protection for this significant advance in needle visualization technology.

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