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August 24, 2009

Medicine's new wave

ZotZine | November, 2010 "On her first day as a UC Irvine medical student, Sarah Rooney received an Apple iPad."

This Fox Hunts with Ultrasound

New University | November 30, 2010 "This school year, UC Irvine has become one of the first medical schools in the nation to integrate portable ultrasound training into its curriculum."

Sonosite profits from diversity

Seattle Post-Intelligencer | June 1, 2008 "For Sonosite, the new models -- called the S-series -- were a move to expand the market for its ultrasounds by focusing in on its strategy of targeting specialists, who are not regular users of the devices. It could also boost the firm's profits, which in the past have not kept up with the company's sales growth."

Sonosite ultrasounds deployed after China earthquake

The Life Sciences Blog | May 29, 2008 "Built to military specification, hundreds of Sonosite systems are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan to aid in triaging wounded troops. Most recently, Sonosite systems were dispatched to help victims in the aftermath of the earthquake in China."

Vital equipment thanks to Scone Race Club

The Scone Advocate | May 21, 2008 "With the donation, the hospital will be able to purchase its own Sonosite M-Turbo ultrasound system."

Quietly, the biomedical device industry grows

Seattle Post-Intelligencer | May 15, 2008 "In Bothell, the biomedical device industry is anchored by Sonosite, a manufacturer of hand-carried ultrasound machines."

Another way to detect hidden heart disease

King 5 News | February 19, 2008 "Karen Marate thought she was doing everything right until she volunteered for a test that revealed dangerous blockages in her neck that could lead to a heart attack or stroke."

Handhelds Become Instant Hit For Maker Of Ultrasound Devices

CNN Money | February 7, 2008 "Shortly after Sonosite launched its newest product lineup in December, management knew it hit a home run."

Medical Device Manufacturer Makes Hand-Carried Ultrasound a Reality

Microsoft Case Study | November 7, 2007 "Sonosite, Inc. (Nasdaq:SONO) is leading in the race to make medical imaging devices smaller and more portable. Its lightweight, hand-carried, point-of-care ultrasound products enable clinicians to deliver safer, better, faster care, right at the patient bedside."

Making noise with ultrasound

HeraldNet | October 2007 "Fun Fong practically drooled over Sonosite's latest ultrasound machine, watching as one of the company's staff members showed off its sharp imaging capabilities and other attributes."

iPods in Bedside Medical Education | October 2007 "The iPod has come to the bedside."

Sleek, small ultrasound

HeraldNet | October 2007 "Medical technology isn't just cool, it may one day save your life."

A Leader with Vision

SCBJ | April 2007 "Under Goodwin, Sonosite has become the world leader in portable ultrasound"

Scanning Sonosite

MSNBC | January 9, 2007 "The top dog in portable ultrasound gear closes out the year with accelerated top-line growth."

They dish it out

HeraldNet | December 29th, 2006 "Technicians at local high-tech companies' do all kinds of bad, nasty stuff' to ensure their products keep working in extreme conditions."

Sonosite on the small screen

HeraldNet | September 25th, 2006 "The Bothell-based company uses podcasts for its ultrasound scanner training"

Q&A: Sonosite's Kevin Goodwin

Red Herring | January 14, 2006 "Ultrasound is more than an obstetrician's grey-scale visual into the womb. The technology is found far beyond the commonly associated fields of obstetrics and gynecology."

Ultrasound on the move

Seattle Times | January 5, 2006 "New York City internist John Postley is practicing the medicine of the future - at least as it's envisioned by one Bothell company."

Medical Marvel

Barron's | November 7, 2005 "Sonosite is growing significantly faster than the average medical-device company and much faster than larger capital-equipment imaging companies like a GE or Siemens."

Power in a Small Package

RT image | August 8, 2005 "Sonosite Inc. announces the worldwide launch of its MicroMaxx ultrasound system, the company's third generation hand-carried product."

Better Peek Inside

Herald Net | August 8, 2005 (Requires Clickshare account) "Sonosite's portable ultrasound machines have helped doctors from Seattle emergency rooms to field hospitals in Iraq quickly find internal injuries."

The Sonosite MicroMaxx

MedGadget | April 20, 2005 "Sonosite, Inc. has announced the release of its latest, laptop size ultrasound system."

On Sonosite's Screen

Business Week | March 14, 2005 "There are few CEOs like Kevin Goodwin, who boasts that his company leaves General Electric in the dust. Sonosite is way ahead of GE -- in handheld products for ultrasound imaging."

Shake 'Em Up

Forbes | February 14, 2005 "Kevin Goodwin has a cheap handheld ultrasound device. Can he take down GE and Siemens?"