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Quality of Care

Improve your Leapfrog Hospital Safety Score.

Quality matters! CMS will no longer compensate hospitals for certain hospital-acquired conditions, including iatrogenic pneumothorax. Point-of-care ultrasound can help eliminate this complication and improve hospital quality scores

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Increase Physician Efficiency with Bedside Ultrasound

The Greenville Health System is saving time and money while improving patient satisfaction through its innovative, ultrasound-based clinical pathway for shoulder injuries. By using ultrasound at the bedside, physicians provide patients with real-time diagnosis without waiting for an MRI.

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Patient Safety

Eliminate iatrogenic pneumothorax

The Memorial Hermann Health System uses POCUS for iatrogenic pneumothorax prevention from central venous catheter insertion. Learn how your hospital can also achieve zero central line complications.

CMS will not compensate hospitals for additional costs incurred from an iatrogenic pneumothorax. Learn how to help eliminate this hospital-acquired condition through the use of point-of-care ultrasound.

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Patient Satisfaction

Achieve higher patient satisfaction scores

Many hospital systems tie patient satisfaction to reimbursement. With ultrasound, physicians are able to make an accurate diagnosis without ever leaving their patients unattended. See how ultrasound improves satisfaction. It is no wonder why patients rate their physicians skills and abilities higher when they use point-of-care ultrasound.

In this study, the association between bedside ultrasound and improved patient satisfaction was quantified.

The results were clear:

  • Patients who had a bedside ultrasound had significantly higher satisfaction scores
  • ED Physicians skills and abilities were rated higher by patients when they used bedside ultrasound

Conclusion: Bedside US has the potential not only to expedite care and diagnosis, but also to maximize satisfaction scores and improve the patient-physician relationship . . .

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Cost Reduction

Decrease costs with ultrasound-guided peripheral IV placement

Avoid unnecessary costs with ultrasound guided IV placement. You may be able to avoid central lines altogether by using ultrasound for patients with difficult IV access.

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