On-Demand Point-of-Care Ultrasound Webinars

A Four-Year Undergraduate Ultrasound Curriculum

On Demand Presentation /Dr. Peter Steinmetz, Director of Undergraduate Bedside Ultrasound Teaching at McGill University presents this webinar to describe how ultrasound helps students learn anatomy and improve their clinical assessment, demonstrate how to start and integrate ultrasound into an already-full curriculum, and outline ways to develop faculty and resources to support an ultrasound curriculum in a four-year undergraduate program.
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Ultrasound for Neuraxial Analgesia/Anesthesia Webinar

On Demand Presentation / In this webinar, Jeffrey Gonzales, MD, MA discusses the uses of ultrasound for neuraxial analgesia and anesthesia. Specifically, he discusses the utility of ultrasound for epidural and subarachnoid (SAB) access, reviews the potential advantages of utilizing ultrasound for epidural/SAB access, demonstrates optimal visualization of posterior complex in both SAX and LAX views of lumbar spine, and demonstrates scanning and identification techniques with ultrasound for epidural/SAB access.
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Ultrasound in Hemodialysis Webinar: Assessment and Ultrasound-Guided Cannulation for Dialysis Nurses

On Demand Presentation / Dianne DuToit, Clinical Nurse Consultant in Dialysis and Vascular Access, presents Ultrasound in Hemodialysis: Assessment and Ultrasound-guided Cannulation for Dialysis Nurses. In this webinar, she discusses the basic ultrasound principles, describes the benefits of ultrasound use in the dialysis setting, identifies anatomic structures on an ultrasound image, creates a “map” of the AVF and AVG utilizing ultrasound, and shows how to successfully insert a dialysis needle into a “phantom” arm using ultrasound guidance.
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The VevoMD Story

On Demand Presentation / How do you visualize the smallest anatomy in the smallest of patients? Meet VevoMD, the world’s first ultra-high frequency imaging system designed to image delicate anatomy in neonatal and pediatric patients. Andrew Needles, Director of Marketing and Product Management for FUJIFILM VisualSonics, outlines the VevoMD's technology and features in this 11-minute video.
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Ultrasound-Guided Hip Injections Webinar

On Demand Presentation / Dr. Dan Malone presents Ultrasound-Guided Hip Injections on the various structures of the hip that are important to know for good patient care. He discusses practical, common, and most accessible approaches for the intra-articular hip injection, trochanteric bursa injection, and piriformis injection.
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