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On-Demand Point-of-Care Ultrasound Webinars

Privileging and Credentialing Physicians in Ultrasound

On Demand Presentation / Dustin Morrow, M.D. presents this webinar to review why credentialing and privileging physicians in ultrasound is important, discuss the different hospital-specific guidelines to determine standards by which physicians are qualified to perform certain ultrasound-guided procedures, and describe expectations for competency and the ongoing training and demonstration of that competency.

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Pediatric Point-of-care Ultrasound: Soft Tissue

On Demand Presentation / Stephanie Doniger, MD presents Pediatric Point-of-care Ultrasound: Soft Tissue, which is considered one of the most common applications for point-of-care ultrasound in the pediatric population. Dr. Doniger discusses applications, presents specific cases, describes techniques, and reviews limitations and scanning tips for soft tissue ultrasound in pediatrics.

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Three Big Kidneys (Veterinary Ultrasound)

On Demand Presentation / Sarah Young, DVM presents three causes of large kidneys in feline patients in this webinar. Each cause has similar findings on palpation and radiography, but characteristically different ultrasound findings that help rapidly narrow the differential diagnosis. In this webinar, Dr. Young reviews how to identify big kidneys in cats, discusses how to differentiate the three causes of big kidneys using ultrasound, and describes how to recognize a fourth cause that also should be identifiable by palpation.

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Needle Navigation in Ultrasound-guided Procedures

On Demand Presentation / Dr. Wolf Armbruster, Dr. Rudiger Eichholz, and Dr. Thomas Notheisen present this webinar to discuss current techniques for puncturing vessels and ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia. They review ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and vascular access. This includes discussing benefits of using ultrasound-guidance during interventions and procedures, specific probe maneuvers, sonoanatomy, and needle tip control.

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The Pediatric "RUSH" Protocol

On Demand Presentation / Stephanie Doniger, MD presents "The Pediatric RUSH Protocol." She reviews the different types of shock, discusses the use of ultrasound for evaluating shock, describes how to incorporate ultrasound into management and clinical integration, reviews cases, and focuses on the pediatric "RUSH" exam.

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Alternatives for Opioids for Pain Management in the Emergency Department

On Demand Presentation / Alexis LaPietra, D.O. presents novel medications and modalities for the management of acute pain in the emergency department. She discusses ultrasound guided regional anesthesia and its importance in managing the pain associated with fractures and dislocations. Additionally, she presents evidence to support the use of trigger point injections and a multi-modal analgesic approach for musculoskeletal pain.

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