Finance leaders should understand the drivers of cost and quality in their organizations, including how best to make cost-effective use of technologies. Ultrasound, in particular, can provide a means to improve quality of care and reduce costs because it can...[Read more]
This past March three PURE traveled to Rwanda to teach point of care ultrasound to 15 internal medicine resident trainees as well as 11 general practitioners working in the emergency department at the country’s main government teaching and referral hospital...[Read more]
This is such an inspiring story! Trish Henwood, assistant professor of emergency medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, will travel to Liberia to work with the International Medicine Corps treating Ebola. She will be entering the epicenter...[Read more]
Ultrasound: The Swiss-army-knife-of-health-care. Medical Students sharpen your transducers and come to Stanford ULTRAfest! Stanford is center of diagnostic ultrasound research, education and training. On Oct. 18, the school will host ULTRAfest , a full day of free ultrasound instruction open...[Read more]
The Magic of Ultrasound at C-Booth (LA County/University of South California) By Chanel Fischetti , MS4 University of California Irvine School of Medicine What happens when you combine Sonosite ultrasound technology, C booth, and enthusiastic medical students? You find the...[Read more]
FUJIFILM SONOSITE APPLAUDS US SENATE SUBCOMMITTEE HEARING ON THE NEED TO ADDRESS PREVENTABLE DEATHS IN US HEALTHCARE SYSTEM Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging to Explore Stemming More Than 1000 Preventable Deaths Each Day In The US Healthcare System BOTHELL,...[Read more]
The Sonosite Solution provides a ready-made, but highly modifiable and scalable clinical pathway to reduce CVC-insertion complications through the use of point-of-care ultrasound. The Sonosite Solution for Safer Central Venous Catheter Insertion includes a guidebook and resource center that provides...[Read more]
What are the benefits of ultrasound? Quality of Care: Quality matters to the entire healthcare service. Discover how we can help you improve your leapfrog scores by leaps and bounds. Watch a video on how White Memorial did it. Efficiency:...[Read more]
Steve Miller discusses his experiences as the Vice President of Product Realization at Sonosite Meet Steve Miller, the Vice President of Product Realization at FUJIFILM Sonosite, Inc. Steve Miller joined Sonosite in July 2011. His career in ultrasound began in...[Read more]
Globally, approximately 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth every 24 hours. Of those deaths, 40 percent are due to injuries or conditions related to placenta complications. The only way to detect abnormal placenta challenges is...[Read more]