Reaching the Remote: Mind's Eye View

February 24, 2015

Part 3 of our compelling 6 part series. In a makeshift clinic at a coastal community in Panama, Mackenzie, one of Floating Doctors young volunteers from Yale checks out a headmaster's kidney problem, her first examination using ultrasound.  The ease and speed with which she familiarizes herself with the machine and gets the patient's kidney up on screen is remarkable. The clarity of the sonogram gives the physicians the information on which they decide treatment for patient Rigoberto's painful inflammation. School teacher Rigoberto is struggling with pain from a kidney problem. Dr. Ben La Brot supervises student volunteer Mackenzie on her first examination using ultrasound. We see how effective a hand-held machine is in such basic conditions. Using the Edge scanner and transducer, she brings up the live pictures on screen without difficulty and the doctors are immediately able to see the precise reasons behind their patient's condition. Sign up here to watch all six episodes and download Dr. Ben LaBrot's 10 tips for using portable ultrasound in remote locations.