POC Ultrasound Testing Speeds Diagnosis, Safety at the Bedside

June 13, 2016

Physicians today face a multitude of ever evolving challenges, and one thing we’ve seen is an increase in the demand for educational sessions covering the latest in ultrasound. Dr. Keith Boniface from the George Washington University School of Medicine talked to Healio.com at the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting on why ultrasound education and learning is so critical.  

One of the things that has led to an increased demand for this type of course this year is that we are pressured as clinicians to make diagnoses more rapidly and less invasively.  A lot of participants are happy to learn how to spend time at the patient’s bedside answering clinical questions and doing it in a portable, by the beside, in the office type of manner that doesn’t use any radiation that could have negative effects on the patient.
Incorporating ultrasound at the point of care can produce immediate findings to be shared and discussed with the patient.
Ultrasound at the bedside enables the clinician to quickly and accurately diagnose conditions such as gall bladder disease, hydronephrosis, or dyspnea of unclear etiology and then integrate those findings into clinical decision making.

Here at Sonosite, we believe in continual learning and education. We work hard to provide our customers and the medical community with top-notch educational resources. SonoAccess - our free mobile app – is a first-class educational tool that provides instant access to an extensive arsenal of clinical and product instructional videos, how-to’s, case studies, clinical image galleries, and reference guides for point-of-care ultrasound.  Customers also have access to Sonosite Institute, an extensive resource library with 3D-animated videos, iBooks, and even specialty-selected learning modules.

Learn more about Sonosite's ultrasound education resources here.