Mobility and the Sonosite iViz: Gold Coast University Hospital

July 06, 2016

Read how one of Australia’s largest emergency departments, the Gold Coast University Hospital is utilizing the Sonosite iViz.

Dr. Stuart Watkins works in one of the largest and busiest emergency departments in Australia averaging over 300 patients a day. “When working in a department the size of something like three football fields, you can imagine getting from A to B can require covering some distance. Being able to take a portable device wherever you go makes everyone’s working experience so much easier, and definitely more efficient.”

Dr. Watkins was extremely excited to start using the Sonosite iViz since its launch this year.

“One of the main points is that the iViz enables us full mobility around the department, and when we need to travel external to the department, we can take it with us to review sick patients in other parts of the hospital as part of the emergency medical team. It’s a real asset to have such a small portable unit to enable us to have full access wherever the patient is rather than having to try to take the large machines around with us that often don’t fit in certain areas of the hospital.”

It’s also playing a huge part in educating medical staff. “We have been really excited to be able to train our nursing and junior medical staff using the Sonosite iViz” Dr Watkins adds, “It is making vascular access as safe as possible and takes it to the bedside and to the patient. This, as well as the accuracy of imaging makes it a truly revolutionary product.”

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Photo: Eddie Safarik, The Australian