Global Health: Sonosite Supports Help In Motion Mobile Hospitals

September 22, 2015

German charity Help in Motion has recently launched two off-road vehicles, carrying state-of-the-art medical equipment and basic medication. Help in Motion is staffed by volunteers from the well-established charity German Doctors.


nanomaxxOur doctors often have to treat people in challenging conditions, with no proper roads, mountainous terrain and severe floods. The Unimogs will be able to cope with these difficulties and provide treatment rooms, giving our patients much-appreciated privacy. The ultrasound systems are also ideal for this kind of environment, where technology has to be robust and able to cope with humidity and dust. These devices will make a tremendous difference to what our doctors can achieve, giving them extra confidence in what they are diagnosing. We recently held a workshop to introduce the vehicles to 60 doctors and the ultrasound systems were very well received; the doctors were impressed and are looking forward to using them in the field.


Ralph Mueller, founder of Help in Motion

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