Bringing Health Care to Remote Communities

January 22, 2015

Watch our 6 part series, coming soon. Compelling footage from the Floating Doctors.  Medical teams travel in open boats to provide treatment, education and training to remote communities without access to healthcare. This new video series takes us on their journey as they demonstrate the role hand-carried ultrasound can play administering medicine in such isolated places. Watch how a timely ultrasound exam prevents a breach birth in the jungle; see a small child diagnosed with a serious heart condition, and more. Sign up here to be notified when the series premiers. Dr. Ben La Brot's non-profit organization has treated thousands of patients in Haiti, Honduras and Panama, providing free health services and community development projects. Despite the challenges of healthcare on this scale, Floating Doctors stays true to its central ethos: focusing on each individual patient. Hand-carried ultrasound is a key technology in making this priority real.