Why Choose Sonosite: Durability

The Toughest Ultrasound Machines

Sonosite ultrasound machines are built tough to be used all over the world, from modern hospitals in Mumbai to rural clinics in Western Australia. Sonosite ultrasound machines were originally built for military use, so battle-grade durability was a must. That’s why we drop them, bake them, shake them, and test them under extreme conditions. Here’s just some of what our machines can handle.


Sonosite ultrasound machines are designed to operate safely after a three-foot fall onto a hard surface.

Infection control is key to optimal patient care, so Sonosite ultrasound machines can withstand hours of cleaning.

"Sonosite’s systems are known for working all of the time. If equipment is not working when you need it, it has a resolution of zero. Things happen in the ICU. Transducers are run over in a code. Equipment drops on the floor… Our patients cannot afford equipment that misfires when the physician needs it, particularly when a difficult invasive procedure is to be done." 

- Alexander B. Levitov, MD, FCCM, RDCS, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA


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