Sonosite Completes Launch Of The Nanomaxx Ultrasound System In Europe

December 07, 2009

Industry leaders, Decision Makers and Customers Gathered in Europe to Experience the Latest Technology for Patient Safety

BOTHELL, WA - December 7, 2009 – Sonosite Inc., the world leader and specialist in hand-carried ultrasound for the point-of-care, announced today that the company has completed the launch of the 6 pound NanoMaxx™ ultrasound tool in Europe. The latest system to join Sonosite’s suite of specialized products for point-of-care visualization, the NanoMaxx system made its debut during fall exhibitions, road shows and key events hosted in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and a number of other countries. Sonosite hosted various events to introduce the NanoMaxx system. At these gatherings, physicians from multiple medical specialties participated in a day of clinical education and hands on scanning led by key opinion leaders in the industry.

“This was a great opportunity for physicians to learn more about the NanoMaxx system and to be educated on the latest ultrasound practices, especially with risk management and patient safety practices becoming more stringent in the hospital setting,” said Mike Fernandez, Sonosite, General Manager, Europe and Latin America. “With the ability to expedite workflow, guide interventional procedures and provide visualization and diagnostics at any point-of-care location, the NanoMaxx system is truly a powerful tool that will raise the standard of healthcare practices around the globe.”

Physicians Praise at the Launch Events:
“The NanoMaxx is very intuitive to use. You can just turn it on and start scanning, without having to reference through the manual. It is a good quality, practical machine that fits well into the marketplace for basic scanning.”

James Pettit, MD, Consultant Intensivist, Hull Royal Infirmary, England.
“The NanoMaxx helps us to apply and develop the ‘Telepresence’ concept. If the patient can’t come to us, we have to visit them and offer the best care and attention.”

Alberto Hernández Abadía, MD, Hospital Central de la Defensa, Unidad de Telemedicina Unit, Madrid, Spain.
“Our evaluation of the NanoMaxx proved that it has a useful place in a busy radiology department. As well as the obvious benefit of being a ‘pick up & go’ scanner for mobile and emergency exams, it worked well for general imaging, MSK and interventional procedures. Everyone liked the fast, simple and intuitive user interface. The NanoMaxx is a useful addition to the Sonosite range. In fact, we placed an order straight away!”

Simon Elliott, MD, Consultant Radiologist, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.
“The portable ultrasound systems have made an important advance in my professional specialty, to diagnose as well as treat the most important sport injuries, and this means absolute portability…we can offer the immediate assistance to the patient with total reliability.”

Guillermo Alvarez Rey, Sports Medicine Specialist, AMS Alavimedisport Centre, Malaga, Spain.
“I use the Nanomaxx ultrasound system in all anesthesiological areas: regional anesthesia, vascular access and ICU. I am very convinced about the excellent imaging quality in such an easy to use compact ultrasound system.”

Jens Doerfert, MD, Senior Physician Anesthesiology, SRH KlinikumKarlsbad-Langensteinbach, Germany.
Superior imaging in a small package, the NanoMaxx system is reliable, durable and built to withstand the demands of busy hospital environments. With its small footprint, the system can easily be carried from room-to-room, to a satellite office, operating room or to an offsite location for immediate use and diagnostics. The NanoMaxx tool is made in the United States and includes Sonosite’s standard 5-year standard warranty. For a web demonstration and to learn more about the NanoMaxx system, please visit our website at
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