Glimpse Interview with Ryan McGarry - Director of Code Black Movie

April 21, 2015

Code Black Movie: a gruesome but moving documentary film featuring the experience of young emergency medicine doctors in Los Angeles County Hospital.


These residents battle life and death situations on a regular basis while being bombarded with the beaurocracy of the current U. S. Healthcare situation.

Dr. Ryan McGarry, director of Code Black Movie, gives us a very personal look at the production of Code Black Movie and the impetus behind the film in this interview with John Nosta for SonoSite.

This emergency medicine physician who finished his residency while also filming the movie, tells us about the experience of being an ER doc in LA.

I don’t think a lot of patients want their doctor to be logging in 20 time an hour just to access their medical record. What they want is that physician’s attention on them.

He claims he needed a lot of caffeine to get all the work done. But the work was rewarding. The film has received very prestigious awards, including the Los Angeles Film Festival Best Documentary.