FUJIFILM Sonosite goes to ACC this month - Connecting with innovators, and receiving a large welcome!

April 29, 2016



At ACC April 2-4 in Chicago - "Cardiologists from around the world are needing more and more portable echos done, for specific examinations and protocols, and at the patient-side. iViz was there this year, and we received a large welcome!" said Marco Daoura, Director of Product Management & Marketing, FUJIFILM SonoSite Inc.

"While there, we also connected with many innovators and solution providers who continue to bridge medical informatics into a more mature Digital Health ecosystem" said Marco Daoura. "Here are a couple of interviews we managed to capture on a busy tradeshow, adding flavor to Digital Health movements that aim to simplify the clinicians workflow and empower telemedicine."


Interview with nVok's Matt Tillman, VP Business Development, talking about their full featured clinical speech recognition SayIT application, and helping clinicians go through their exam documentation needs faster.




Interview with Norav's Ron Davidson, VP Business Development, talking about their powerful 12 lead wireless ECG solution (BlueECG) that is Bluetooth enabled, simple to use, sending the result directly to your mobile device/tablet, and is a HIPAA compliant cloud portal solution, enabling telemedicine workflows.