Education and the Sonosite iViz: Professor Alistair Royse

July 11, 2016

Professor Alistair Royse believes in the power of disruptive innovation.

The Sonosite iViz is playing a crucial role in his education programs.

At the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia, Cardiothoracic Surgeon Prof. Alistair Royse was one of the earliest adopters of the Sonosite iViz. He uses the machine on a daily basis, not only in his clinical practice, but also in his innovative clinical ultrasound education programs at the University of Melbourne. He sees ultrasound technology as the kind of disruptive innovation that will change the way healthcare is delivered.

“True [innovative] disruption comes when technology changes the paradigm of medicine and new adopters emerge. What has limited us in the past is the cost and size of new equipment, and who has access to it. These machines are smaller, better and everyone may access them – therefore it is disruptive. This means new groups of people who have never used ultrasound before are learning how to use it; people like junior hospital doctors, physicians, GPs, medical students and nurses.

“We provide training in which you can study on your own time, using distance and online learning. Using small, point of care ultrasound machines like the Sonosite iViz is a technological advancement in training similar to that in online learning. It makes a big difference in the way we are able to teach the application of ultrasound in practice. Students are also already used to portable technology being a big part of their lives. 

"The design of the iViz is very end user-focused and friendly. It is a truly mobile device and the functionality is impressive. One of its biggest selling points is the image quality. The students are blown away by the image quality and the ability to be able to use the machine with one hand.” 

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