On the 19 th of March 2018, the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank welcomed 40 delegates to participate in a workshop on regional anaesthesia, the largest event planned for the region this year. The one-day training course – delivered in...[Read more]
To all you eagle-eyed marathon spotters, did anyone catch sight of Wonder Woman in amongst the trees, dinosaurs, superheroes and even a bottle of beer! That was our UK clinical application specialist Vanessa Wickens, as she joined over 30,000 runners...[Read more]
20 to 1: New hospital program reduces number of failed IV insertion attempts
Any medical professional with hospital experience knows how crucial peripheral IV access can be. Getting fluids and medications into a critically ill or injured patient can make or break the effectiveness of their treatment. At the best, a “difficult stick”—that...[Read more]
Dr Adam Garnett, a sports and exercise medicine consultant at the Jersey Sports Medicine Clinic, divides his time between treating rugby players suffering from acute trauma injuries and triathletes and runners with overuse injuries. He explained how the use of...[Read more]
Point-of-care ultrasound is an essential tool for Dr Mark Ridgewell, an early pioneer of sport and exercise medicine (SEM). Through the course of his career, Mark has worked with many amateur and professional sportsmen and women, beginning with rugby and...[Read more]
Every year the world's oceans lose roughly 100 million sharks due to human hunting. The big problem? Scientists don't know how to manage the population back. As an apex predator, sharks regulate smaller predators in the food chain, helping to...[Read more]
SonoSite Floating Doctors trip
by Dr. Ben LaBrot, founder of Floating Doctors As of this writing, my wife is pregnant with our first child, and the novelty has long since worn off. After looking after so many other people’s pregnancies, it’s a novel experience...[Read more]
Schistosomiasis, a disease that is common in sub-Saharan Africa, is particularly widespread in Madagascar. The Schistosoma mansoni parasite responsible for the disease is linked to fibrotic changes in the liver which can be detected using point-of-care ultrasound. Junior doctor Hannah...[Read more]
Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) is an emergency technique for temporarily blocking the blood flow to the lower body in the event of subdiaphragmatic internal bleeding. A guidewire and balloon-like device are inserted into the aorta via...[Read more]
SonoSite in Mosul, Iraq
FUJIFILM SonoSite has donated a point-of-care ultrasound system to CADUS, an independent aid organization supporting the relief effort in Iraq. Dr. Henryk Pich, an anesthetist and emergency clinician at the University of Dresden, and a CADUS volunteer, explained the need...[Read more]