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SonoSite Institute is an educational resource that’s included in the purchase of your SonoSite ultrasound system. SonoSite customers can explore richly-designed point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) courses that include webinars, 3D videos, case studies, built-in testing, and reference materials.

Deep-dive into subjects in your medical specialty, or learn about trending topics, such as nerve blocks for opioid prevention, airway management, or eFAST exams for trauma. Or explore courses outside of your field to expand your knowledge and become a point-of-care ultrasound advocate in your facility.

SonoSite Institute offers:

  • Exclusive access to SonoSite customers only
  • Self-paced study – learn at the speed that works best for you
  • Access from any web-enabled device – phone, tablet, or PC
  • Specialty-specific case studies, webinars, clinical images, and videos
  • Easy monitoring of your progress through courses, test scores, and certificates of completion


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Take Your Ultrasound Skills to the Next Level

No matter your level of ultrasound experience, SonoSite Institute will boost your knowledge and confidence for deploying point-of-care ultrasound in your everyday practise. Some of the valuable information we offer includes:


Specialty-Specific Online Ultrasound Courses

SonoSite Institute is centreed on specialty-specific learning pathways for point-of-care ultrasound. Each course contains seven segments that include basic, intermediate, and advanced ultrasound use with lesson plans that feature normal anatomy, pathology, and techniques.

Evaluate your current knowledge with a pre-test, then assess how much you’ve learned with mid and post-tests. Earn a certificate of completion when you pass your post-test with a score of 80% or higher. You can bookmark important information, and monitor your current and completed courses as you fulfil your learning goals.

  • Peruse more than 40 medical specialty categories – from Anaesthesiology to Vascular Access
  • Find courses by medical specialty, or sort by title or date
  • Monitor your progress through each course
  • Earn a certificate of completion for each course in your medical specialty


Visual Medicine Workshops for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Test drive the latest in point-of-care technology as you perfect your scanning techniques at SonoSite Visual Medicine programmes. Through hands-on practise sessions and question-and-answer opportunities with point-of-care experts and physicians, you’ll gain the confidence to deploy point-of-care ultrasound in your daily medical practise.

Visual Medicine Workshops let you:

  • Practise ultrasound scanning on live models
  • Experience in-depth question and answer opportunities with clinical experts
  • Learn needle-guided injections on tissue phantoms


Point-of-Care Ultrasound Events

Find professional or society events and workshops near you and around the world. SonoSite Institute features popular global event listings in one convenient place.


Point-of-Care Ultrasound Webinars

Learn new or trending ultrasound skills with subject expert-led, on-demand webinars that describe point-of-care ultrasound best practises, proper techniques, and common scanning pitfalls. The exclusive webinars on the SonoSite Institute cover a variety of medical specialties, exams, and procedures.


Point-of-Care Ultrasound eLibrary

Access SonoSite Institute eLibrary resources at your convenience. The eLibrary includes 3D learning material, pathology information, and point-of-care ultrasound video clips and images.


Point-of-Care Ultrasound Reimbursement Guides (U.S. only)

The constantly changing state of reimbursement coverage and payment information for diagnostic and ultrasound-guided procedures requires accurate coding and billing information. Our reimbursement section includes helpful guides on these topics, which are updated annually.