EMS Ultrasound

Built to exceed U.S. military specifications for durability.

Emergency services teams need reliable tools to help patients under some of the most traumatic conditions imaginable. For more than a decade, first responders have used Sonosite’s lightweight, dependable ultrasound systems for triage and point-of-care diagnosis in urgent situations.

Not only do ambulance and medical transport services use Sonosite’s ultrasound systems, but so do disaster relief teams and the military. Our systems and transducers are built to exceed U.S. military specifications for durability. And our latest generation of products carry on the tradition of exceeding military specifications for ruggedness and reliability and are ready to scan within seconds of a cold start. With their ease of use and proven field reliability, the Sonosite ultrasound systems are ideal for the pre-hospital environment.

Sonosite Offers a Range of Customized Products That Provide:

  • Advanced imaging features for exceptional image quality with minimal key strokes
  • Fluid-resistant for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Under 20 seconds from cold start to scanning
  • Custom use models for point-of-care applications
  • Built to exceed U.S. military specifications for durability
  • Industry leading 5-year warranty
  • Extensive ultrasound training and education programs

What Our Customers Have to Say

“Working for the Odessa fire department, I have spent the last 10 years training paramedics on how to use ultrasound in the pre-hospital setting. Sonosite’s systems are incredibly simple to use, portable, durable and have truly changed the dynamic in which first responders can diagnose a patient at the point-of-care. Quickly, the paramedics can scan a patient for internal bleeding, and then determine whether they need to call the surgeon to head into the local trauma center. Sonosite has placed valuable technology in the hands of EMS providers and as a result, they have brought major benefits to patients at the point-of-care.”

David Spear, MD, EMS Medical Director, Odessa, Texas

“Sonosite has built their systems to perform in all types of environments. They are easy to use, rugged and quick to deploy. I have relied on them to provide high resolution imaging from military field hospitals in combat zones, to pre-hospital settings in the US, to my own emergency department in San Antonio. San Antonio AirLIFE is currently exploring the role of ultrasound in pre-hospital environments. I look forward to the continued development of ultrasound products being used outside of radiology suites.”

Craig Manifold, DO, Chief of Emergency Services, Southeast Baptist Hospital, San Antonio, Texas, 149th Medical Group, Texas Air National Guard

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