Floating Doctors Use POCUS In Isolated Areas


Floating Doctors

Come along on our 6-episode journey with Dr. Ben LaBrot and the rest of the Floating Doctors team. Dr. LaBrot and his crew sees thousands of patients in the isolated areas of Central America and Haiti. Floating Doctors stays true to its central ethos: focusing on each individual patient. Portable ultrasound is critical in making this mission real.


Maiden Voyage - Presented by Sonosite

Dr. Ben LaBrot, in Bahia Grande, Panama, uses the Edge ultrasound system for the first time to determine a course of action for a patient with abdominal pain.


Gustivino's Story

High up in the mountains above Pueblo Nuevo the young boy Gustivino struggles with an unknown heart defect, his health fast deteriorating.


Mind's eye view

Rigoberto’s painful inflammation is worrying. In a makeshift clinic, the young medical student Mackenzie uses the Edge ultrasound system for the first time.


Spreading the vision

The parteras – Panamanian midwives – learn how to identify baby and placenta on screen, and take the first steps to learning how to spot problematic births early.


Maria's baby

A potentially catastrophic breach birth lies ahead for Maria. With overwhelming difficulties in getting her to a hospital, Dr Jordan assesses the options.


Breaking the barriers

Listless and sleepy, the three week old baby is making mother anxious. At the follow-up clinic, its low weight is also concerning physicians.

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