Dr. Kim Harmon Story

Dr. Kim Harmon is the kind of physician who has no trouble breaking with convention. In fact, some consider her a Hero. Especially the star player who got back in the game faster.

As a Sports Medicine specialist and team physician for a Pac-12 football team, she's treated her share of rough-and-tumble injuries. That's why millions of dollars of medical equipment is at her disposal. But despite having her choice of expensive technology, it was a point-of-care ultrasound system that changed her care path strategy.

Days before a key game, the player took a nasty helmet hit to his front quad. The post-hit MRI revealed muscle bruising. Ten days later, the player could barely walk. Sidelined for practice. Doubtful for the next game.

In the locker room, Dr. Harmon snagged the team's brand new point-of-care ultrasound system and examined his leg. The ultrasound image immediately revealed the problem: a hematoma the size of a water balloon. She acted fast. Using Sonosite's Advanced Needle Visualization technology, Dr. Harmon guided the needle to the hematoma and drained 85cc of fluid.

The player hopped off the table. Tested his leg. And scrambled right back into practice. Afterward he asked, "Doc, you're going to take the ultrasound to the game on Saturday, right?"


Friday night before the game, in the hotel, she again turned to point-of-care ultrasound. Another scan showed more fluid. She again drained the hematoma. The next day he started—and starred in—the big game.

Dr. Harmon and her colleagues now use their portable ultrasound system to follow the team's muscle injuries. Not only at home, but on the road. "It's a standard piece of our traveling equipment."

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