Global Health

SonoSite mobile ultrasound project

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 60% of the world’s population has no access to diagnostic medical imaging. SonoSite is working to lower that statistic.

Through our dynamic Global Health programs, we are bringing advanced ultrasound technology to patients and institutions that would otherwise have no access to this imaging modality due to social conditions, remote locations, or lack of funds. From steaming jungles to desolate mountaintops, our rugged, battery-operable systems can be used in virtually any setting—and they are.

SonoSite Global Health Programs

Since 2005, SonoSite has supported humanitarian efforts in developing countries by providing high-quality SonoSite equipment through loans or special pricing to qualified nonprofit organizations through its SoundCaring and other Global Health programs.


New and Refurbished Systems:

SonoSite hand-held ultrasound systems are ideal for work in remote, under-served communities.

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Global Health Loaner Pool

Loaned Equipment:

Any of our products can be made available for short-term loan to U.S.-based healthcare workers on global medical missions.

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