Design Innovation

Form has never been so seamlessly connected to function.


The dedicated design team here at Fujifilm Sonosite has spent decades solely focused on developing ultrasound technologies for advancing the future of patient care. Each Sonosite solution is inspired, informed, and improved by thousands of hours working side-by-side with clinicians, physicians, and professionals on the front lines of medicine.

It’s a process of thoughtful and intentional design and engineering around every detail and demand of the work styles of our users. Every screen, every transducer, every wheelbase, every workflow, every button and knob, or lack thereof, is designed in service of the way clinicians move, think, and deliver care.

At Sonosite, we envision a world where downtime simply doesn’t exist. Our decades of leadership in product quality can be traced to an uncompromising dedication to four core pillars: Durability. Reliability. Ease of Use. Education.

We live on the horizon of what’s possible for point-of-care ultrasound and are excited to lead the development of future applications that live in the imaginations of tomorrow’s medical visionaries.

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