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Meet Luis Enriquez of Code Black Movie Luis Enriquez is a twenty-seven-year veteran Emergency Trauma Nurse at LA County USC Trauma Center. In addition to Clinical practice he serves as an Adjunct Clinical Instructor and lecturer. He is a graduate...[Read more]
Meet Dr. Todd Larsen from Code Black Movie Dr. Todd Larsen is an assistant medical director at St. John's Regional Medical Center and St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital in Ventura County. He has worked there since graduating from the Emergency...[Read more]
Meet Dr. David Pomeranz from Code Black Movie Born and raised in Reno, NV, Dave Pomeranz is currently a third-year Emergency Medicine Resident Physician at LA County and USC. He attended Cornell University and studied Civil and Environmental Engineering and...[Read more]
Meet Dr. Andrew Eads from Code Black Movie Andrew Eads is currently a third year Emergency Medicine Resident Physician at LA County and USC Hospital. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley (BS Chemistry) and received his Masters in Public...[Read more]
Welcome to the Code Black Movie Page! We are all so thrilled to announce that new dates for CODE BLACK have been added across the country! Check out the schedule below to see when CODE BLACK will reach your town...[Read more]
Ultrafest Ultrasound Festival hosted at UCI (University of California, Irvine) 2014 Ultrafest is a free bedside ultrasound symposium hosted at UC Irvine Under the direction of AIUM member J. Christian Fox, MD , the University of California, Irvine (UCI), hosted...[Read more]
Chanel Fischetti, UC Irvine School of Medicine , Candidate for M.D. Class of 2015 The site features an ultrasound interactive graphic. AIUM's Ultrasound in Medical Education Interest Group collaborative portal is intended to be a clearinghouse of resources related to...[Read more]
Recently the medical literature has documented the growing use of CT scans. It is certainly no secret that, when circumstances warrant, Sonosite advocates for the consideration of ultrasound first over other imaging modalities. A CT scan is a powerful and...[Read more]
by Dr. Diku Mandavia It's ironic that one of the most efficient ways to detect pneumothorax in patients is also one of the most effective ways to prevent two of its more common clinical causes. While scenarios that might trigger...[Read more]
Would you let your family fly in an airplane at night if the pilot didn’t have radar? I certainly wouldn’t. That pilot would be flying blind. It’s the same for ultrasound. When a physician performs an invasive procure without ultrasound...[Read more]