For Dealers and Support Staff

The Licence Management Facility (LMF), as well as the Sonosite Technical Support Knowledge Management System, is located on a separate website: Dealer Service Support Page

The LMF tool provides the licence keys necessary after performing system upgrades or when attaching previously unlicenced transducers. The Sonosite Technical Support Knowledge Management System is a comprehensive and searchable knowledge base of Service support documentation including Service Manuals, Service Bulletins, New Product Bulletins, Product Specifications, Compatibility Matrices, Troubleshooting Flowcharts, and Repair Tips.

If you are a dealer and need access to the Dealer Service Support Page, send an email via our contact form.

Service Event Reports

Ordering Spare Parts

Ordering spare parts is easy. Complete instructions are provided below. Send your completed Service Event Report and purchase order to

Only Authorised Sonosite Repair Sites may perform repairs during the warranty period. All other repair attempts void the warranties in effect on the product. If you are a current Sonosite distributor and would like information on becoming authorised to perform warranty repairs, please contact a Sonosite office for more information.

Ordering Spare Parts to Be Instaled in a Specific System

  • Forward a Service Event Report and a purchase order for each system requiring repairs.
  • Instructions for completing the Service Event Report are included on the second page of the electronic version of the document.
  • The purchase order must be completed using the appropriate values from our Service Price List.
  • Note: Warranty parts will be given a full credit once the faulty parts are returned to Sonosite. For non-exchange credit parts, the credit is automatic; the parts do not need to be returned. Instructions for returning parts are included with the replacement part.
  • Forward by e-mail to Forward by fax to +1-425-951-6700.
  • Prices can be found on the Sonosite Service Price List. Please contact us for a copy of this document.

Ordering Parts for Stock

  • We recommend that Sonosite Repair Sites purchase a stock of repair parts to keep on hand. This will speed the repair process for the customer and result in a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Please forward a purchase order for parts you require for your service stock. Use the prices on the price list. We are happy to recommend a basic set of parts for you to keep on hand.
  • For those ordering configurable parts for stock, the parts will be programmemed with a generic configuration and all optional features turned off. Please specify the language as this cannot be changed with a licence key.
  • Once you instal parts from your stock into a system, please forward a Service Event Report to us with the details of the repair. For configurable parts, we will then issue a licence key to configure the part.
  • If the system is covered under a Sonosite warranty, we will ship replacement parts for a predetermined price or, in some cases, at no charge. Exchange-eligible parts will be shipped per the procedures above except the replacement will be shipped with a generic configuration and the language of your choice.
  • If the system is not covered under a Sonosite warranty, a purchase order is required to ship parts to replenish your stock.

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