Carena Holmes
Carena Holmes, senior systems engineer sees the big picture and the details. She is always thinking about how to improve our systems and how teams can work more harmoniously. When asked about her favorite project, she replies with a secretive...[Read more]
Keith Williams
Keith Williams, Executive Director of Program Management at FUJIFILM Sonosite, is celebrating his 25th anniversary with the company. When asked what keeps him coming back, Williams said, "It's the people. I get to work with some phenomenally talented and passionate...[Read more]
Rich Fabian
Find Work that Matters at FUJIFILM Sonosite Life is finite, which makes time our most precious commodity. The COVID pandemic has taken this concept and dropped it right in the lap of millions of working people in this country. “Why...[Read more]
Core Values: A focus on HOW we face challenges together The last few years have challenged us all. They’ve made us think deeply about what matters in our lives. Many have been faced with choices they never dreamed they’d have...[Read more]
Anniversaries are times to celebrate, but also times to reflect. At FUJIFILM Sonosite, we’re thrilled to recognize the one-year anniversary of the launch of Sonosite PX , our next generation point-of-care ultrasound system (POCUS) with the most advanced image clarity...[Read more]
Considering All Ultrasound Machine Costs of Ownership
When making a high investment in medical equipment it is important not only to compare the price and quality of each product, in these cases it begins to be necessary to analyze the total cost of ownership (TCO) during the...[Read more]
Anesthesia Ultrasound for Perioperative Care
The role of the anesthesiologist is evolving to include perioperative care With hospitals seeking innovative ways to streamline patient care and improve outcomes, anesthesiologists are increasingly expected to provide patient care beyond general anesthesia and nerve blocks. But beyond the...[Read more]
Dr. David Chaparro, in addition to working as an emergency doctor at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid, also participates in humanitarian aid projects in some of the poorest countries in the world, treating patients, training other professionals in...[Read more]
How To Get Buy-In For Your Bedside Ultrasound Program
Anyone who has ever tried to change the way medicine is practised knows that inertia makes it difficult to get buy-in from colleagues and administrators. Introducing a relatively familiar technology, like point-of-care ultrasound, into a broader hospital setting might not...[Read more]
Dr. Pradeep Suryawanshi, Professor & Head, Department of Neonatology at BVU Medical College, Pune, India has 15 years of experience in field of neonatology. He is the first person to commence point-of-care neonatal ultrasound and neonatal functional echocardiography courses in...[Read more]