Sonosite Product Retirement Schedule

As we continue to develop new products, we often find it necessary to retire some of our older products. In order to assist you and help you plan for product retirements, we have outlined our retired products schedule below.

If you require further details about a product’s availability status, please contact your local sales representative or territory manager.

Systems End Customer Support

Edge II (Canada)December 2030
Sonosite SII (Europe) July 2030
Sonosite Edge II (US, Aus, NZ)May 2030
Sonosite SII (US, Aus, NZ)May 2030
M-Turbo (Europe)April 2029
Sonosite X-PorteDecember 2028
Sonosite M-Turbo (US, Canada, Aus, NZ) April 2028
Sonosite iVizAugust 2027
EdgeJuly 2024
S SeriesJuly 2024
NanoMaxxMay 2024
Sonosite Edge II, Sonosite SII Veterinary Configurations (USA, Canada, Aus, NZ, and India)To Be Announced
MicroMaxxDecember 2019
BioZ® DX (service and support may be dependent on parts availability)May 2018
Sonosite® 180™ and all accessories / transducersOctober 2016
TITAN® and all accessories / transducersMarch 2016
BioZ.comJanuary 2015
iLook®March 2014

Transducers End Customer Support

Sonosite Edge Transducers (US, Aus, NZ only)May 2030
Sonosite S Series Transducers (US, Aus, NZ only)May 2030
Sonosite SII Transducers (US, Aus, NZ only)May 2030
Sonosite Edge II Transducers (US, Aus, NZ only)May 2030
Sonosite M-Turbo Transducers (US, Aus, NZ only)May 2030
Sonosite iViz TransducersAugust 2027
TEExi TransducersSeptember 2024
Sonosite NanoMaxx transducersMay 2024
TEExp transducerDecember 2023
C8x transducerJanuary 2023
P11x transducerNovember 2019
TEEx transducerJuly 2018
C8e transducerApril 2016
D2x transducerJanuary 2015
L52 V00029November 2013
LAP transducerDecember 2012


Accessories End Customer Support

Sonosite iViz AccessoriesAugust 2024
ECG ModuleJuly 2024
Sonosite PowerPackFebruary 2023
iViz Power SupplyDecember 2020
V-Universal stand (for S Series and NanoMaxx systems)July 2019
NanoMaxx system accessoriesMay 2019
Triple Transducer Connect, S SeriesFebruary 2018
P05829 Protective Connector BoxJuly 2015
DVO-1000MD, DVD RecorderJune 2015
Wireless card (MicroMaxx)December 2014

Software End Customer Support


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