Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Your Sonosite ultrasound system and transducer software is upgraded by using an upgrade USB drive supplied by Sonosite. For the latest upgrades to your ultrasound system, contact Technical Support.

BioZ products and accessories are no longer sold or supported as of May of 2018.

FUJIFILM Sonosite, Inc. ("Sonosite") is aware of the recent BlueBorne vulnerability
and has diligently evaluated the potential impact on its ultrasound systems and operating software.
After a thorough investigation, Sonosite has determined that the systems listed below are not affected by BlueBorne:

  • Sonosite Edge II ultrasound system
  • Sonosite SII ultrasound system
  • Sonosite X-Porte ultrasound system
  • Sonosite Edge ultrasound system
  • Sonosite NanoMaxx ultrasound system
  • Sonosite M-Turbo ultrasound system
  • Sonosite S Series ultrasound systems
  • Sonosite MicroMaxx ultrasound system
  • Sonosite Titan ultrasound system
  • Sonosite iLook ultrasound system
  • Sonosite 180 ultrasound system
  • Sonosite SonoHeart ultrasound system
  • FUJIFILM FC1 ultrasound system

The following system is shipped in a state that mitigates the BlueBorne vulnerability:

  • Sonosite iViz ultrasound system

The Sonosite iViz product has Bluetooth support present on the system but is shipped with Bluetooth disabled (default). Customers should be advised to leave the Bluetooth configuration of the product in its as-shipped state, which is disabled. Disabling Bluetooth mitigates the vulnerability.

Sonosite remains committed to the safety and security of its customers, any further questions can be directed to Sonosite technical support .

Sonosite PX

The Sonosite PX stand was designed specifically for this ultrasound system. It is not compatible with other Sonosite ultrasound stands.

Sonosite PX can be used off the Sonosite PX Stand. However, we recommend use with the stand. The stand provides the adaptable work surface, Triple Transducer Connect, a selection of input/output connectors, integrated transducer holders, and many other workflow efficiency features. If you are interested in a POCUS system for hand-carrying, please speak with your Sonosite sales representative for recommendations that fit your needs.

Your Sonosite PX purchase includes the features, functions, and modes available with the system. You do not have to pick and choose options from a list other than the UX language.

Sonosite PX has integrated 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz depending upon your country bandwidth regulations. You do not have to purchase a separate plug-in module.

PowerPark for Sonosite PX will work with existing docks (the part on the floor). The part on the stand base is unique to Sonosite PX and cannot be exchanged with a similar part from another Sonosite system. PowerPark provides a convenient, central location to park the ultrasound system while it charges for cordless use. Just park, click, and charge.

Sonosite PX operating system is Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC. The operating system and services are hardened. The system meets Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) for Moderate security control selections per FIPS199, FIPS200, and NIST 800-53.

Sonosite PX features a touch panel and physical buttons in response to feedback from real-world clinicians during interviews and focus groups. Touch panel improvements include workflow that is grouped by use, such as patient information, worksheets, and reports; and exam types optimised with the annotations and calculations needed to perform the exam. Frequently used functions such as gain, freeze, and save are designed to be at the fingertips via physical buttons. The buttons are uniquely shaped and grouped for recognition by touch, helping clinicians to keep their eyes on the monitor and the patient.


The battery on your M-Turbo ultrasound system should last up to 2 hours under ideal conditions and use.

S Series

The battery on your S Series system should last up to 2 hours under ideal conditions and use.

180PLUS and SonoHeart Elite

To isolate a charging or a battery problem, complete the following steps:

  • Charge the battery overnight to guarantee a full charge.
  • If it does not charge, the power supply (charger) is most likely at fault.
  • If it doesn’t charge completely, the battery contacts may be at fault.
  • Look inside the battery cavity for any obstruction or bent contacts.
  • If the battery loses it charge very quickly, the battery may be deteriorating and may need to be replaced. 

Verify that the printer is selected by go into the Setup menu and selecting the printer you are currently using.

  • Make sure that you are using the remote cable and that you have it routed correctly. Three cables should be connected to the system: the AC power cable, the remote cable, and the video cable.
  • If you are not using the SiteStand, the remote cable (10 ft) should go from the system (remote control receptacle) to the back of the printer.
  • If you are using the SiteStand, the cable (1 ft) should go from the back of the SiteStand to the back of the printer. Verify that the SiteStand is plugged in and the printer is turned on.

The Sonosite 180 line of products and accessories are no longer sold or supported as of October 2016. However, if you press Function and i, and the displayed ARM version starts with 02 then SiteLink is compatible.


The Sonosite Titan and accessories are no longer sold or supported as of March 2016.

Common Questions

Yes. Sonosite offers both mountable and hand-carried ultrasound sytems. All of our systems, whether hand-carried or mountable, are all lightweight and very compact. You can quickly move from exam room to exam room in the clinic, or straight to the patient's bedside at the hospital, with the ultrasound system in hand. If you prefer a zero-footprint solution you can choose a wall-mounted option, to maximize space and operating efficiency in the examination environment.

Our systems and transducers are built to exceed U.S. military specifications for durability, and they've been engineered to withstand a three-foot drop onto a hard surface. Reliability is part of our history.

In seconds. Sonosite hand-carried systems are ready to scan in 20 seconds from a cold start. It takes minutes for PC-based units.

Sonosite has set a new industry standard by offering a five-year standard warranty on our systems introduced since 2005 and our Sonosite-manufactured transducers. No other ultrasound company offers this kind of standard warranty. We are able to base this warranty because of the historic reliability and durability of our products. Our proprietary technology and design have resulted in products that exceed military specifications for ruggedness and reliability; the've been engineered to withstand a three-foot drop onto a hard surface.

Advanced imaging features, such as SonoHD™ Imaging Technology, SonoMB® Multi-beam Imaging technologies, and Advanced Needle Visualization, provide striking contrast resolution and tissue differentiation, supporting complete diagnostic examinations and ultrasound-guided imaging procedures. Customized presets for individual clinical applications ensure that Sonosite systems offer the best image quality for each clinical specialty.

Sonosite has taken a leading role in making ultrasound systems easier to use compared to traditional ultrasound. Each of our ultrasound systems has an intuitive interface so you can focus on the patient, not the technology. For example, our proprietary technology automatically creates striking contrast resolution and tissue differentiation. The systems also offer customized pre-sets for individual clinical applications. The result? Easy-to-use, sophisticated systems that enable diagnostic exams and ultrasound-guided imaging procedures.