SonoSite provides hospitals and clinics with flexible archive and image storage capabilities by offering multiple connectivity options: SonoSite® Workflow Solutions, DICOM®, and SiteLink™. The DICOM and SiteLink options include USB export with a SonoSite validated USB memory stick for optimal image sharing and archiving. DICOM and SiteLink are supported by two networking options: LAN and WLAN.

SonoSite Workflow Solutions
SonoSite Workflow Solutions (SWS) software streamlines the management of ultrasound examinations performed with the SonoSite Edge®, M-Turbo®, S Series™, MicroMaxx®, and NanoMaxx® ultrasound systems. It enables clinicians to easily store, access, review, and manage their ultrasound examination data files. With SWS, ultrasound examinations are automatically stored in a central location, which simplifies the management and retrieval of examination data. Learn more

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine is a widely accepted standard for distributing and viewing medical images. DICOM services are typically found in hospitals and larger medical practices. Learn more

USB Export Options
Our systems allow images and data to be stored on a USB memory stick and allows the user to select the export type. This option can be used with both DICOM and SiteLink™ services. Images and data stored on the USB memory stick can be archived on a server at a later time. Learn more

Networking Options
Networking options include both Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) options.