Sonosite Celebrates 10 Years in India

October 12, 2017

When Sonosite began direct operations in India in 2007, our mission was to expand our company’s vision into new territories. India, a market that both enamors and confounds economists, seemed ripe to embrace the fundamental pillars that make Sonosite a company with whom it is worth doing the business. India, a market that both enamors and confounds economists, seemed ripe to embrace the fundamental pillars that make Sonosite a company with whom it is worth doing business with.

With an ongoing shortage of skilled physicians in India, point-of-care ultrasound is a valuable tool that we believe could help streamline and improve patient care in the country.

Now, 10 years later, Sonosite’s footprint has expanded significantly across the Indian subcontinent, including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, but our goals are still focused on bettering clinical outcomes for patients.

Sonosite was originally founded on the premise that every patient should have access to high-quality, low-risk medical imaging, at the point of care (regardless of where the patient may be located), and that every doctor should have the opportunity to utilize ultrasound to improve patient care.

This premise is why Sonosite have been designing and manufacturing compact, durable ultrasound machines, and promoting their use in multiple fields of medicine (beyond traditional radiology & obstetrics ultrasound). And the 5-year warranty on Sonosite products allows hospitals to use allotted budgets to provide the best equipment for their patients, without worrying about the maintenance cost & for peace of mind.

Why Compact Ultrasound?

Why ultrasound, or more specifically, why point-of-care (compact) ultrasound in India?

Ultrasound offers one of the most effective and least invasive methods for visually assessing internal anatomy, and either confirming or ruling out life-threatening conditions, such as internal bleeding. Compact ultrasound allows physicians to more accurately triage patients in emergency settings, and provides clear imaging of internal anatomy that grants doctors the greater degree of confidence in diagnosing pathologies.

Unlike other imaging methods such as X-Ray & CAT, ultrasound does not expose patients or physicians to ionizing radiation, which is critical to its ongoing use by physicians.

Finally, our compact ultrasound machines are extremely durable, and eminently useable. As POC ultrasound is more versatile and can go beyond the traditional setting of the diagnostic ultrasound, it can be utilized by physicians in nearly every area of medicine.

Indeed, our most important customers in India have found uses for Sonosite ultrasound in a gamut of specialties ranging from anesthesia and critical care to cardiology and Neonatology.

Support for POC Ultrasound Education in India

FUJIFILM Sonosite is also fully committed to supporting and expanding education in point-of-care ultrasound. In the past 10 years, we’ve trained 40000 physicians & sponsored over 1,000 educational events, courses, and academic programs. What is next for FUJIFILM Sonosite in India? The next 10 years promise to be challenging and exciting. Sonosite India intend to continue advancing our mission with input from some of the most prominent and influential physicians across the country. These medical professionals provide Sonosite with valuable feedback on the use of compact ultrasound that will help us to develop even better ultrasound solutions in the future; solutions that can better help physicians in the subcontinent to provide the best care possible.

This is blog post 1 of 4. Please check back to read about the Sonosite difference, our educational efforts in India, and what the next ten years hold for our company.

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