We recognise that the best chance any patient has at getting better is a clinician at their bedside with all the right answers and the confidence to act. SonoSite education and training is the industry standard – no other point-of-care ultrasound manufacturer has committed as many resources into making sure clinicians have the highest degree of confidence when using ultrasound at the bedside.

While everything we do to simplify our ultrasound machines is aimed at optimising the functionality for your use, anatomy recognition and exam techniques remain a critical component for point-of-care users. That is why we have partnered with clinician educators around the world to produce specialty specific point-of-care ultrasound education resources.

SonoSite offers ultrasound education when, where, and how you want it. From on-site programmes and workshops, to videos on our SonoAccess app, our online and hands-on educational options can get you from "zero to scan" with confidence. Whether novice or expert in your use of point-of-care ultrasound, you will find the below educational offerings go far beyond understanding SonoSite products - they are designed to improve your knowledge of today’s ultrasound best practises.