Endocrinology Ultrasound

Endocrinology ultrasound

Ultrasound Systems for Endocrinologists

Ultrasound provides endocrinologists with tools that can increase diagnostic confidence, improve efficiency, and decrease overall medical costs. Sonosite systems allow endocrinologists to confidently perform diagnostic exams, locate masses, guide biopsies, and initiate a proper course of treatment for each patient.

Some common endocrinology applications for point-of-care ultrasound include:

  • Identify thyroid nodules and determine vascularity of lesions
  • Guide percutaneous needle core biopsies, ensuring more accurate sampling
  • Guide fine needle aspiration of cysts

Clearer Thyroid Images on Sonosite Ultrasound 

Newer Sonosite ultrasound machines use a proprietary multi-beam technology that increases small structure resolution and enhances border delineation for improved visualization of anatomy, including the thyroid. The result is increased clarity in the near and far field, sharper definition of small structures, and improved differentiation of tissues.

This technology enables endocrinologists to improve needle visualization on ultrasound, even when the needle angle is greater or less than 90º from the skin's surface.

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Thyroid Ultrasound – 3D How-To Video

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