PowerPark Ultrasound Charging Station

Don't just plug in your ultrasound system.

Offering true mobility to any point-of-care location around the hospital or office, the PowerPark accessory is a cordless charging station for Sonosite ultrasound systems mounted on a Sonosite Universal Stand.

PowerPark helps you avoid the risk of reaching for a machine with a dead battery, and it ensures your system is easily accessible and ready to perform.

PowerPark enables you to:

  • Stop touching dirty cords that have touched the floor to prevent infection
  • Eliminate the hassle of bending over and plugging the system into the wall
  • Park your system in a convenient, central location
  • Keep the system fully charged to increase workflow, efficiency, and maintain optimum battery life

Stop searching for outlets or worrying about battery life and start spending time and energy focusing on your patients.

As one physician reported after using his PowerPark:

It’s a brilliant innovation. Gone are the days when we had to reach over or behind the patient in the most awkward positions just to plug the power cord in. . . . [It’s] a wonderful solution that makes bedside ultrasound that much easier and faster. As physicians, we benefit immensely and, in turn, so do our patients. - Thomas Fischer, MD RDMS FACEP


PowerPark specifications:

  • Width 8.6 in./21.8 cm
  • Length 15 in./38.1 cm
  • Height 4.8 in./12.2 cm
  • Weight 20 lbs./9 kg