Ultrasound of the Shoulder, Part 1

March 14, 2016

The American Journal of Orthopedics

Alan M. Hirahara, MD, FRCS(C), and Alberto J. Panero, DO

In the first of a three part series for the American Journal of Orthopedics, Drs Alan Hirahara, MD, FRCS(C) and Alberto Panero, DO discuss the advantages of diagnostic and ultrasound guided procedures in the shoulder.

The article explains that the use of ultrasound at the point of care is growing in orthopedics and offers dynamic, real-time evaluation and safe, accurate treatment of conditions or injuries in the office.  The ability for ultrasound to guide musculoskeletal procedures such as joint injections and aspirations, as well as diagnostic assessment, is changing their practice.

This article provides a detailed discussion of coding and reimbursement as well as policy to incentivize the use of ultrasound.

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