Steve Miller Discusses the Ultrasound Industry (2 of 3)

August 12, 2014

Steve Miller, VP of Product Realization at SonoSite, discusses the ultrasound industry

miller_steverSteve Miller joined SonoSite in July 2011. His career in ultrasound began in 1987 with Philips Ultrasound where he led advanced development projects in B-mode and Color Doppler. In 1992, he joined GE Healthcare to work on their first high-end digital ultrasound system as a senior systems engineer. As GE’s ultrasound business expanded, he was promoted into global principal engineering roles leading new global platform design programs involving engineering teams in several countries. Mr. Miller has over 25 U.S. patents to his name and is a senior member of IEEE. He graduated with a MSEE from Stanford University and alternated his studies at Cal-Poly (Pomona) and Stanford with work in the defense industry, including Rockwell’s SONAR Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL).

We interviewed Steve Miller for LinkedIn, asking questions related to the topics of interest for our users.

Episode One

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Episode Two

Steve Miller, Vice President of Product Realization at SonoSite Discusses the Ultrasound Industry

Steve Miller has extensive experience in the ultrasound industry, having worked for 29 years for all three of the major ultrasound companies. This interview focuses on Mr. Miller's expertise in the ultrasound industry.  He discusses his expectations for future developments in the industry, and shares the key to success in the ultrasound industry.

Episode Three

Tune in soon for Steve Miller's sneak peek of SonoSite's latest innovations and ideas!

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