Global Health Loaner Pool

Borrow a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Are you a U.S or Canada-based clinician or ultrasound-trained health professional who is planning a non-profit medical mission in the developing world? Sonosite is thrilled to lend portable ultrasound machines to U.S. and Canada-based physicians and ultrasound-trained healthcare workers engaged in humanitarian work around the world.

To support non-profit medical missions, Sonosite lends portable ultrasound machines to qualified clinicians for an average of 2 weeks at a time.


"Because of Sonosite, we were able to utilize a portable ultrasound machine extensively [in Haiti]. This equipment allowed us to rapidly diagnose multiple conditions. These include severe intra-abdominal trauma, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, decreased cardiac output, increased intracranial pressure, congestive heart failure, and multiple other medical and traumatic conditions. We were able to do multiple procedures including paracentesis and thoracentesis. Having the Sonosite equipment was literally life-saving for many patients."

Dr. Samuel Abelson 

For more information on borrowing a Sonosite portable ultrasound for your humanitarian work, please call your local Sonosite office.

Medical team from international organization "500 Hearts" poses with local support staff in Cambodia.

The 500Hearts team and local assistants scanned hundreds of children with a loaned Sonosite MicroMaxx ultrasound in the Cambodian Village of Sophy.

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