Global Health: 3 Case Studies Show the Value of POCUS in Resource-Limited Healthcare

August 25, 2017

O Dr. Thomas Sullivan retornou recentemente da província de Quang Nam no Vietnã, onde trabalhou como voluntário em diversas clínicas no final de julho, com a assistência da ASSORV (associação de apoio a órfãos do Vietnã), por meio do grupo Vietnam Health Clinic da Universidade de Washington.

Dr. Sullivan practices radiology at the Center for Diagnostic Imaging in Seattle, WA, and borrowed a Sonosite Edge point-of-care ultrasound machine for his trip. Dr. Sullivan reported three medical cases that showed the value of POCUS in resource-limited settings.

1). "A perimenopausal woman presented with a history of ovarian cancer, presumably by palpation of a mass. POCUS showed a simple appearing adnexal cyst.  We were able to reassure her and her family that this was likely not malignant cancer, and she was instructed to follow up at the regional hospital. 
2). A woman with a 7 month gestation presented with findings concerning for fetal intrauterine growth restriction. Using the Edge’s OB calculations, we determined that biometrics were consistent with 7-month gestation, with normal fluid and placenta. 
3). A woman presented with pedal edema and shortness of breath. Since we did not have mobile lab facilities, we could not exclude liver failure or nephrotic syndrome. By scanning her heart, we were able to determine she was in heart failure due to chamber enlargement and wall motion abnormality, and then provide treatment accordingly."


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