Cybersecurity Alert - Spectre/Meltdown - FC1 Ultrasound System

Sonosite Spectre/Meltdown Statement for FC1 Ultrasound System

FUJIFILM Sonosite, Inc. is aware of the recent Spectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities and has diligently evaluated the potential impact on the FUJIFILM FC1 Ultrasound System along with associated processors and operating system software. After a thorough investigation FUJIFILM Sonosite has determined that FC1 can be affected by the Spectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities. Mitigation for these vulnerabilities will be part of a software update that will be made available to FC1 customers.

FUJIFILM Sonosite remains committed to the safety and security of its customers, any further questions can be directed to technical support:

Phone (U.S. or Canada) (877) 657-8118
Phone (Outside U.S. or Canada) (425) 951-1330, or call your local representative
Fax: (425) 951-6700
Web: Contact Tech Support


Europe Service CentreMain: +31 20 751 2020
English support: +44 14 6234 1151
French support: +33 1 8288 0702
German support: +49 69 8088 4030
Italian support: +39 02 9475 3655
Spanish support: +34 91 123 8451
Asia Service Centre +65 6380-5589

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