Sonosite PX Stand

Details designed to make clinicians' jobs easier

The Sonosite PX Stand is designed to exacting detail. We integrated the transducer holders right into the stand, along with a new cable containment system so clinicians can manage cables without having them drag on the floor.


  • Hinged stand head provides adaptable work surface for optimal bedside ergonomics
  • Small wheelbase is easier to fit under beds for closer access 
  • Integrated transducer holders (no more cups!) for simplified cleanup
  • Three transducer ports with integrated I/O ports to broaden connectivity options
  • Transducer cable catcher and hooks help prevent tangles and dragging cables
  • Gel holder, wipes holder, storage bin, and lockable drawer included
  • Optional black and white printer and printer mount kit to print studies


  • Width: 22.8 inches (58 cm)
  • Depth:  25.5 inches (65 cm)
  • Height (with system):
    • Min: 39.7 inches (101 cm) monitor down
    • Max: 61inches (155 cm) monitor up
  • Pneumatic height range: 9.8 inches (25 cm)
  • System Weight: 16lbs 10 oz (7.5 kg)
  • Stand Weight: 69 lbs 3 oz  (31.39 kg)