Improved Patient Care with Point-of-Care Imaging

Founded in 1913, Adventist White Memorial Medical Center (WMMC) is a 353-bed not-for-profit teaching hospital in downtown Los Angeles. It is staffed by 400 physicians, 1,800 employees, and 400 volunteers, and serves more than 165,000 customers annually.

As a major teaching hospital, White Memorial not only plays a role in treating the communities in and around downtown LA, but also plays an important role in medical professionals.

Fujifilm Healthcare and Fujifilm Sonosite are honored to partner with White Memorial to provide outstanding patient care through advances in point-of-care imaging capabilities.

Increased Physician Efficiency & Quality of Care

The X-Porte allows doctors and nurses to perform patient exams and procedures more efficiently. For example, with ultrasound-guided vascular access, less time and fewer attempts are needed to locate a viable vein for a central line, even in dehydrated or critically ill patients.

In the Intensive Care Unit, the Sonosite X-Porte allows us to place a central line as quickly as possible. That's less time [wasted] to get in fluids, to get in antibiotics... and that's life-saving time.

"The X-Porte allows us to get the process going, which then allows us to get on to the next task, like seeing another patient, and another... It has a downstream effect - we can treat more [patients], faster, safer, and better."
Dr. Anthony Moretti

Improved Patient Safety & Experience

A better quality of care almost inevitably leads to an improved patient experience. When less time is required to medicate patients, the patients experience less trauma and anxiety, and a more efficient treatment experience.

"Safety is our #1 priority. Using ultrasound for putting in IVs decreases the number of [needed] attempts. Sonosite X-Porte allows us to rapidly get the lines that we need in, and more importantly, to get the medicines into the child."
-Dr. Ed Gabriel, Medical Director of Radiology, Adventist Health White Memorial


"In sepsis or severe infections, time is of the essence. The one thing that has decreased the rate of mortality in children is the rapid administration of antibiotics. The only way we can get that in is through an IV... as big of an IV as possible. The Sonosite X-Porte allows us to find the best site to get the antibiotics in, with minimal interruptions to the child and the practitioner. "
-Dr. Anthony Moretti


"We don't have to move the patient around. It's great; we just take our image, and are able to see it right then and there. These images literally give us a picture of what's going on inside the baby. Being able to get those images saves lives."
-Sara Sarvi, Nurse Supervisor NICU, Adventist Health White Memorial



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