Sonosite Interviews Dr. Andrew Eads for Code Black Movie release

June 18, 2014
Dr. Andrew Eads, Code Black Movie Interview, Produced by Luke Baldwin, Sonosite Fujifilm

Meet Dr. Andrew Eads from Code Black Movieandrew-eads-sonosite-codeblack-headshot

Andrew Eads is currently a third year Emergency Medicine Resident Physician at LA County and USC Hospital. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley (BS Chemistry) and received his Masters in Public Health from UCLA. He attended the University of California Irvine School of Medicine. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Melissa, with whom he is expecting his first child later this year. "I was really proud of...the story that it tells about our hospital, about its mission, about the patients and what they go through, and the importance of county hospitals in general." He explains his role in the movie in the interview, sharing his feelings being filmed while working with patients in the hospital--a "surreal" experience for him. Questions on his work as a doctor in a high-pressure situation of the LA County emergency room lead him to reveal that there is even more work than we might realize.
"There's so much paperwork and documentation and work on the computer to do to get that process done, that it really feels a lot like work. The part that's so enjoyable for us, especially at our hospital, is really working with our patients and such wonderful people that come from this community."

Dr. Eads also expands on the experience of watching the movie after its first release.

dreads "It's a tough job to go in there every day, day in and day out, seeing dozens of patients. It can kind of grind on you. And every time I see the film, it sort of re-energizes me, to see all of us really working hard, working together." The final interview question reveals what Dr. Eads hopes viewers will get out of the film. "I hope [viewers] understand how vulnerable they are to end up like a lot of our patients with nowhere else to go to get healthcare...and from that understanding what an important resource this is, and something that we should invest in, something that we should be proud of, something that we should believe in."

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