Nomination for GSMA: Best Mobile Innovation for Health

February 05, 2015

"FUJIFILM Sonosite Inc. is honored to share the GSMA Best Mobile Innovation for Health nomination with Trice Imaging and congratulates both teams for working together and championing a  successful trial with support from Qualcomm Wireless Reach and Sony. In the rural areas of Morocco, previously pregnant women had to wait up to two weeks to obtain the results of a critical  obstetric ultrasound, now this trial shows that local sonography with remote interpretation can make a big difference in the lives of many who live in rural areas. Our goal in supporting such a well-managed trial was to observe and capture the needs of today to better understand high-access mobility solution requirements for the future. How can we create the clinical tools of tomorrow that empower providers with medical care workflows to care for patients who have had none or limited access to healthcare? How can we empower providers make faster more informed decisions via better connected clinical solutions?" said Marco Daoura, director of Product Management and Marketing at FUJIFILM Sonosite Inc.

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