Grateful Dad Donates a Sonosite Edge

March 05, 2015

Grateful Dad Donates a Sonosite Edge to the Ulss 21 Hospital Legnago, Department of Pediatrics, Italy

Cutting-edge tools for 43 thousand euro: an ultrasound for heart disease but also an high flow oxygenator and one for babies Cutting-edge tools for 43 thousand euro: an ultrasound for heart disease but also an high flow oxygenator and one for babies

A gift for a unique gift.  This is what the dad must have thought when, in recent days, he gave the Department of Pediatrics of the hospital Legnago, Italy 43 000 euro, worth of new equipment, in gratitude for them having taken care of his daughter. Thankful to the pediatric department, the father of Verona, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated three new high-tech machines.  “This equipment will increase the quality of service provided to over 6,000 children and young people seen each year in the department and 1,500 hospitalized in the last 12 months” said Zaglia. The benefactor has directly purchased the equipment from a specialized company which he then delivered to the hospital.  After consulting the hospital needs, he chose an Edge portable ultrasound unit by Sonosite Fujifilm, with transport trolley, printer, and two probes.  The unit is resistant to fall damage.  In case of failure, during the warranty period, the ultrasound can be replaced in 24 hours. It will be possible to use it for heart disease and blood vessels, lungs, abdomen, soft tissues and nerves. The second machine presented is a system for dispensing high flow oxygen "Neo Blend 2", humidified and heated, without the need for electrical power.  The unit is particularly suitable for premature babies and infants up to 7 pounds of weight. Finally, the father generously provided an oxygenation system "Airvo Fisher-2" for infants and children who weigh up to 30 pounds. These instruments will be useful for optimal definition and non-invasive diagnostics in very young patients. They will also improve the treatment of mild respiratory conditions in children who have passed the prenatal period. Surprises like this are very pleasing. Thanks to the generosity of the father, all of the local children and their families will have better care. The new technological equipment will make a quantum leap to Legnaghese Pediatrics. "The devices received," says Zaglia, "will decrease the need to use the services of specialized centers outside Ulss 21 for certain diagnosis.  All this will benefit the children, who will not be forced to travel to Verona. Family members will be able to stay close to their children during treatment. "The new machines are already available to the eight doctors in the department.  "We hope," announced Zaglia, "to increase the number of trained that will use the new media.  In the coming months, we will invite the father-benefactor to a ceremony in which we will thank him for his generosity that allowed us to reduce the time and costs for essential tools. To read the article in Italian, please use the following link