Purchasing a discounted portable ultrasound machine

For expectant mothers in a rural village, an ultrasound diagnosis can mean the difference between a safe and hazardous delivery. For children suffering from rheumatic heart disease in sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia, an ultrasound diagnosis can lead to life-saving treatment. Because our equipment is uniquely suited for these austere environments, we feel compelled to bring this valuable technology to those who need it most.

Sonosite SoundCaring and Global Health Loaner programmes make Sonosite hand-carried ultrasound systems available to those working on humanitarian efforts in remote, low-income communities with little or no access to ultrasound technology.

We continue to be humbled and thrilled by the stories recipients send us of how our systems are impacting global communities. You can read many of these stories on the Sonosite Global Health blog section.

Sonosite SoundCaring Application

Interested U.S. and Canada-based organisations must meet certain eligibility requirements as outlined on our application. Applications should be submitted at least three months prior to the requested delivery date. Download Application.

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