Gustavino's story

February 10, 2015
Part 2 of our compelling 6 part series. The second video in this extraordinary series shows Gustavino, a frail boy with a fast deteriorating heart condition living high up in the mountains, 5 hour's hard trek from Pueblo Nuevo, Panama. Making the journey on foot, Floating Doctors founder, Dr. Ben La Brot defies the geography and other obstacles to link up Gustavino's medical needs and recovery with cardiologists hundreds of miles away. High up in the mountains above Pueblo Nuevo, Panama, the young boy Gustavino struggles with an unknown heart defect leaving him short of breath, weak and in the course of the video, his health fast deteriorating. Dr. Ben La Brot shows the depth of detail and information available using The Edge ultrasound machine, and crucially the ability to save the live scans of Gustavino's heart problems. As the need to get Gustavino to a pediatric cardiologist becomes ever more urgent, Dr. Ben La Brot embarks on the 8 hour trip by boat and taxi to the hospital in David. Complicated by TB, the patient's prospects seem overwhelming. Scans and stills saved in the Edge and analysed by specialist Dr. Requena begin the process of recovery. Sign up here to watch all six episodes and download Dr. Ben LaBrot's 10 tips for using portable ultrasound in remote locations.