15 Years of Sonosite’s excellence in India

December 08, 2022


15 Years excellence in India


FUJIFILM Sonosite recently celebrated 15 years of successful operations in India at an event held at the Hyatt Regency, Jaipur. More than 50 eminent physicians from across the country attended the event and shared their experience of using FUJIFILM Sonosite ultrasound machines for providing better patient care in their regular practise.

FUJIFILM Sonosite showcased the latest point-of-care ultrasound systems and exhibited the history of the technology with a display of older ultrasound systems developed since Sonosite’s inception nearly 25 years ago.


Attending the celebration from Australia was Managing Director - ANZ and General Manager - India & Southeast Asia Mr. Greg Luck and the entire FUJIFILM Sonosite India team.

The Economic Times of India has exclusive coverage of the Sonosite event online, including video footage of prominent physicians discussing their partnership with FUJIFILM Sonosite and why they use Sonosite’s ultrasound solutions. Watch the video to see what prominent Indian physicians have to share about working with FUJIFILM Sonosite ultrasound systems in various clinical applications.

FUJIFILM Sonosite celebrates 15 years of excellence in India


Looking to the Future: The Next 15 Years for FUJIFILM Sonosite in India

Over the last 15 years, Sonosite have approached 1 Lac physicians in India to offer educational options that develop point-of-care ultrasound skills. 

Before the end of 2037, FUJFILM Sonosite India’s goal is to approach at least 3 Lac more physicians with our onsite and online ultrasound education solutions, so that they can deliver timely care that improves patient outcomes across South Asia. FUJIFILM Sonosite has always been a company that relies heavily on physician feedback to develop better products and services, and in the realm of education, we aim to continue this trend—asking our physician customers to help us understand what Sonosite can do to create more effective products in the future.



In addition to FUJIFILM Sonosite’s constant ultrasound educational offerings, we will continue to forge new relationships with physicians at premier medical and educational institutions throughout South Asia, including internships and observerships that help medical students and current medical practitioners learn how to apply point-of-care and bedside ultrasound to their current medical practices.