Veterinary Medicine

There's a reason barns are sturdy. Animals tend to be rough on things. That's precisely why SonoSite® hand-carried ultrasound systems are ideal for your veterinary practice.

Initially developed for the military, SonoSite systems are now suited for your most anxious equine, bovine, and companion pet patients. And, they’re tested tough, offering durability without sacrificing the high-resolution imaging you'd expect from cart-based systems.

Simplicity and Peace of Mind
Our complete family of transducers makes reproductive and tendon exams even simpler than you imagined possible. With thousands of systems installed worldwide, plus backing by industry-leading warranties, SonoSite combines simplicity with peace of mind.

SonoSite Products for Veterinary Medicine
  • M-Turbo® ultrasound system
  • MicroMaxx® ultrasound system
  • NanoMaxx® ultrasound system
  • S-VetMed™

To talk to a representative, please contact one of these authorized SonoSite Ultrasound veterinary resellers listed below. If your country is not listed, please call us at 877-299-1786 or send us an email.

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