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A veterinarian’s day can be unpredictable and so are their patients, so you need an ultrasound where you need it and when you need it.

Initially developed for the military, SonoSite portable and kiosk-based systems offer industry-leading...

Portablity – SonoSite’s hand carried ultrasounds are under ten pounds.

Ease of Use – Sometimes no buttons are necessary at all—turn it on and you are ready to image within seconds.

Reliablity – With the five-year warranty behind new SonoSite products you have peace of mind that your ultrasound will perform when you need it.

Durability – Drop tested at 3 feet, SonoSite ensures your investment for the long term.

Simplicity and Peace of Mind

We take the guesswork out of imaging with a great diagnostic image that is easy to obtain. We also provide first-class support after the sale with our industry leading five-year warranty. With thousands of systems installed worldwide, SonoSite combines simplicity with peace of mind.

Our customized line of transducers can support a wide range of specific clinical exams for your equine athlete, companion animal, or zoo and marine mammals. And these probes are tested tough, offering durability without sacrificing the high-resolution imaging you'd expect from cart-based systems.

SonoSite Products for Veterinary Medicine

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"Imaging has become such an integral part of my practice. An accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone to an effective treatment. The Edge is so portable, nearly instantaneous start-up, I find I ultrasound so many more areas than before. A quick "peek" at a skin mass or swelling only takes a couple of minutes. Innovative new techniques in imaging joint surfaces, cervical facets and ultrasound guided injections has revolutionized many areas previously difficult to diagnose. Its great to have it on my team. The images are outstanding scan quality and I am comfortable sharing the studies with veterinarians anywhere."

—Dr. Richard Markell

"The ability to obtain an ultrasound image quickly and easily with SonoSite's technology is key to patient care, both for the novice and experienced user.”

—Dr John Mattoon