Sonosite X-Porte

Sonosite X-Porte

Ultrasound Equipment


Premium Point-of-Care Kiosk

Sonosite X-Porte fluidly brings together an intuitive interface, imaging performance, advanced features, and educational resources in a convenient kiosk design. Optimised workflow is always at your fingertips, even with gloves and a sterile drape.


  • Large monitor tilts and turns for optimal viewing in a crowded room or for interacting with patients
  • With no buttons, the control panel and monitor may be cleaned and disinfected with ease
  • Can be operated with gloves and sterile drape
  • High-definition imaging for improved decision making confidence
  • Streamline workflow with remote worksheets, barcode scanning, and menu customisation
  • Real-time learning with 81 onboard tutorials to view instructional videos while performing live scans
  • Modular design and removable engine for easy servicing of components for decreased downtime

Clinical Imaging

HFL50xp, Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus
C35xp, Abdominal Right Upper Quadrant (RUQ)
rP19xp, Cardiac Apical 4 Chamber with Colour (Video)
C60xp, Abdominal Inferior Vena Cava (IVC)
HFL50xp, Posterior Knee Baker's Cyst
HFL50xp, Ankle with Fluid
Model Applications Bandwidth Scan Depth Needle Guide
Transdutor para Ultrassom C11xpC11xp Abdominal, Arterial, Neonatal, Nerve, Venous 8-5 MHz 15 cm Kit available
Transdutor para Ultrassom C35xpC35xp Abdominal, Musculoskeletal, Nerve, Spine 8-3 MHz 15 cm Kit available
Transdutor para Ultrassom C60xiC60xp Abdominal, Gynaecology, Musculoskeletal, Nerve, Obstetrics 5-2MHz 30cm Kit available
D2xpD2xp Cardiology 2MHz N/A
Transdutor para Ultrassom HFL38xpHFL38xp Arterial, Breast, Lung, Musculoskeletal, Nerve, Venous 13-6 MHz Linear 6cm Kit available
hfl50xpHFL50xp Breast, Musculoskeletal, Nerve 15-6 MHz 6 cm Kit available
Transdutor para Ultrassom HSL25xpHSL25xp Arterial, Lung, Musculoskeletal, Nerve, Ophthalmic, Venous 13-6 MHz Linear 6cm Kit Not available
Transdutor para Ultrassom ICTxpICTxp Gynaecology, Obstetrics 9-5 MHz 15 cm Kit available
Transdutor para Ultrassom L25xpL25xp Arterial, Lung, Musculoskeletal, Nerve, Ophthalmic, Venous 13-6 MHz 6 cm Kit available
Transdutor para Ultrassom L38xpL38xp Arterial, Lung, Nerve, Venous 10-5 MHz 9 cm Kit available
Transdutor Para Ultrassom p10xpp10xp Abdominal, Cardiology (CW), Neonatal 8-4 MHz 15 cm Kit available
Transdutor para Ultrassom rP19xrP19xp Abdominal, Cardiology, Lung, Obstetrics, TCD 5-1 MHz Phased 35 cm Kit available
Transdutor para Ultrassom TEExiTEExp Cardiology 8-3 MHz 18 cm

Streamline your Workflow

Save time with the Sonosite Barcode Scanner that automatically links patient data with the ultrasound exam. Compact and ergonomic, the Barcode Scanner... (more)

Estação de Carregamento PowerPack

Park, click, charge.

Exclusive to Sonosite, PowerPark cordless charging station allows clinicians to dock a Sonosite system in a convenient, central location while the battery... (more)

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