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Sonosite and Soma Access Systems Partner to Bring
Unique Integrated Needle Guidance Technologies to Market

Soma Access System’s ground-breaking AxoTrack™ Needle Guidance Solution combines traditional ultrasound imaging with advanced magnetic technology to provide clinicians with a real-time update of the needle position that can be visualized as it travels through tissue to its intended target. By integrating these technologies, clinicians will be able to enhance the way they perform needle-guided procedures and see the needle location.

An in vitro study resulted in vascular access procedures that were successful on the first stick and pass 99.3% of the time versus just 37.1% of the time when compared to the standard freehand method for ultrasound-guided central venous access.*

Through this partnership, we will integrate the AxoTrack™ Needle Guidance Technology into our Sonosite ultrasound systems, enhancing our product portfolio, and offering a new technology in the field of needle guidance and visualization in addition to our pioneering Advanced Needle Visualization.

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*Ferre, R.M., et al. The Use of a Novel Device Improves Real‐Time Ultrasound Guided IV Access. Supplement to Annals of Emergency Medicine, Sept. 2010; 56:3:S74

AxoTrack™, AxoTrack™ Needle Guidance Solution, and AxoTrack™ Needle Guidance Technology are trademarks of Soma Access Systems LLC. The AxoTrack™ Needle Guidance Technology has been cleared under FDA 510(k) K113680 and K112953. Sonosite AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probes require 510(k) clearance and are not commercially available in the U.S.A.

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